What I Saw at Yasukuni

By now, we should all be familiar with the antitraditionalist left’s attempt to erase all traces of opposition to the liberal world order.  Over the past decade or so, for example, the antitraditionalists have succeeded brilliantly in demolishing the understanding of marriage that has persisted in every civilized society since the dawn of recorded history.  Those who refuse to accede to this application of John Stuart Mill’s liberalism to the human person have now been so vilified and demonized that defending the obvious complementarity of the sexes in public is enough to get you fired from even a Catholic university, as Prof. John McAdams found out recently at Marquette.  Having found oneself on the wrong side of history (according to the antitraditionalists’ map), one is not suffered to remain in limbo, making irritable mental gestures at the liberal hegemons.  One must, instead, disappear, cloaked in accusations of bigotry and eternally disqualified from having any further commerce with those on history’s progressive wavefront.

Being on the wrong side of history extends, oddly enough, into history itself.  Those who are now on the right side of history look back in self-righteous anger at the unprogressive sins of the past and demand that every indication that anyone once disagreed with totalizing liberalism, whether yesterday or centuries beforehand, be ripped up, torn down, thrown...

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