Welfare and Illegal Immigration

Letter From San Diego

Two San Diego police officers, responding in the early morning darkness to a call that a school was being burglarized, arrived just as two suspects were fleeing into a nearby canyon. As the San Diego Union reported, the officers did not plunge into the canyon in pursuit—the terrain was dangerous, night visibility almost zero, and the officers didn't know-if the suspects were armed—but instead called out the standard warning, in English, that if the suspects didn't return voluntarily, they would send in their trained German shepherd. No response, so they loosed the dog.

The dog soon found a man, clamped his teeth firmly on his leg, and didn't let go until the officers pulled him off, which is precisely what such dogs are supposed to do. However, the man the dog found was not a burglar, but an illegal alien from Mexico, part of a small group of illegals sleeping in the canyon. The native of Oaxaca didn't hear the warning call, and wouldn't have understood what was said anyway, because he spoke no English—nor Spanish, in fact, only the dialect of the Mixtec Indians.

The police promptly radioed for an ambulance to take the man to the nearest emergency room, where many stitches were taken in his leg. He spent some twenty hours at the hospital, was given a pair of crutches, some bus tokens, and told to return for follow-up treatment.

Questions arise: who will pay for the ambulance...

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