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Welcome to the United States of George Soros

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By:Thomas Fleming | January 15, 2015

My wife keeps asking me how so many people seem to have the time to go out and demonstrate against  the brutality of “racist white cops.”  She asked a similar question, when there were regular marches against violence in the “community.”  In both cases, I explained that they are paid to demonstrate, much as the Unions pay non-unionized non-members to do the dirty work of picketing. In Rockford, as we learned, the marchers for peace were paid out of a government grant. The “Ferguson marchers,” we now know from a story in The Washington Times, have been feeding off $33 million paid by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

Most people who follow the news have been aware that over the years that this repulsive currency-manipulator has funded anti-Christian and homosexualist activism in Eastern Europe. Now, it appears that here in Obamastan he can get away with funding riots that destroy property and, if we include attacks on white policemen, actually take American lives. If I owned a shop that had been looted and burned or belonged to the family of a murdered policemen, I would know whom to sue. And, if we lived in a civilized country, Mr. Soros would be facing charges as an accessory before the fact to arson, robbery, looting, assault and murder.  



1/15/2015 10:09 PM

  Is it fair to say that if we lived in a civilized country, the tanks would be rolling before the first shop was emptied?

1/16/2015 02:05 AM

  Where have you gone Bull Connor?

Harry Heller
San Francisco
1/16/2015 03:42 AM

  Another question is where many of the "organizers" get their money to be able to travel, "coordinate community awareness campaigns", etc. Same source, no doubt. The issue of 'agency' here is an interesting one, though it could be a double-edged sword, esp. given leftist hegemony in our government as well as judicial system. Perhaps Dr. Fleming is speaking tongue-in-cheek, but I think it could be dangerous to prosecute (if there is a plausible way) even someone as morally malignant as Soros for the activities of distantly attached looters. At worst, Soros is funding the agitators whose agitation sets off those easily agitated. At the risk of being ACLUish, that's a slippery slope. If his position were found to be actionable, then that would make almost anyone with public influence (which includes TJF) potentially liable for the actual misdeeds of distant others.That is not, or at least was not and should not be, the American Way of jurisprudence. I wonder if there isn't some way the OSF could be ensnared within the admittedly often objectionable "War on Terror", and classified as a treasonous organization? It is certainly in "moral league" with those working to weaken the US. If any of his funded persons or groups could be shown to have worked with organizations known to have dealings with actual terrorists, maybe some type of conspiracy charge could stick. If nothing else we can all denounce Soros at every opportunity, and work for the abolition of the Fed, which would reduce currency turmoil and thus this evil old man's (no fear of his Maker he) profit-making opportunities. We can also expose those in Conservatism, Inc, who refuse to denounce or disassociate themselves from him.

Bryan Fox
1/16/2015 02:39 PM

  The Soros ilk of the Irish Royal Constabulary during the British occupation of Ireland were dealt with not in a legal fashion, rather in a outcome of finality.

1/16/2015 02:50 PM

  If the CIA were patriotic and actually served any useful purpose, wouldn't it be to clandestinely "dispose" of people like Soros? As for Mr. Heller's question "Another question is where many of the "organizers" get their money to be able to travel, "coordinate community awareness campaigns", etc." That is the same question that Southerners were asking about the "civil rights" marchers in the 1960's. Of course, the white activists were either rich, dumb college kids living off daddy's money, or they were Jewish communists. But how could the the black marchers, supposedly so poor and discriminated against, afford to take weeks, months, or years away from work to travel around the country, burning, looting and demonstrating? Why, of course, it was domestic and foreign Marxists, like the Soros's of the day, feeding, clothing, and providing shelter and transportation for the illiterate mobs. White Americans of that era, who lived outside of the South had a lot to answer for. Why would you support a Marxist movement in your own country while supposedly "fighting the Cold War" abroad? When they come to burn down your town, who will save you? A few, short years later, we got the answer. Insurrection was what the evil, Southern white man deserved, but its a terrible tragedy when it starts to happen in Chicago, LA, Boston, Cleveland, etc.....


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