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Weinstein: Who Cares—and Why

Just as America started to recover from Harvey earlier this fall, fate hit the replay button.  Harvey the First destroyed property and took lives across Texas and parts of the Southeast.  Harvey the Second, the alleged rapist and confessed serial sexual predator moonlighting as a movie mogul, pulled back the curtain on Hollywood’s sordid business practices, proving that the motion-picture industry practices the same sexual barbarity that it preaches.  After decades of coarsening American culture through the exaltation of violence, the degradation of religion and tradition, and the normalization of every perversion, including even incest (see Columbia Pictures’ 1996 Oscar-nominated Lone Star), moviegoers have become inured to moral depravities once thought the sole dominion of the insane.  In the wake of recent revelations, the celebrities most offended by Harvey Weinstein’s felonious predations took hypocrisy to a level not seen since former president Bill Clinton’s aggressive consigliere Hillary, surrounded by armed Secret Service agents, blasted the Republican Party for being controlled by the gun lobby.

Shortly after the story broke, Ben Affleck tweeted that the Weinstein allegations “made me sick.”  In a follow-up tweet the very next day he apologized for groping actress Hilarie Burton’s breast on camera during an interview in 2003.  Glenn Close,...

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