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Weep for California

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By:Clyde Wilson | May 10, 2014

California, once the American Mecca of milk and honey, has fallen on hard times. Though its degradation and decline are largely self-inflicted, California’s condition is nonetheless an American tragedy and a dire portent for the rest of us.  

The state is fast becoming a colony and milk cow for Mexico, with a few enclaves occupied by Asians the way the British used to dominate Hong Kong and Singapore. Public spending and debt have reached catastrophic levels unmanageable by a society of self-centered individuals and interest groups. Gang warfare dominates the urban jungle. The state doubtless leads the Union in foreigners, perverts, dopesters, and aborted children. Hollywood, once a source of pleasant diversions, now pollutes not only the U.S. but the entire world with pornography, nihilistic violence, and, what is worse, bad taste. The Terminator and various other  flakes have been elected governor. Productive citizens are fleeing east and north by the thousands. If illegal aliens are not counted California is losing population for the first time in a century and a half of American settlement.

However, not to worry. The California legislature has voted unanimously (ONE dissenting vote) to ban the Confederate flag! They have taken a stand on the major issue of the age,  valiantly attacking a looming threat to human progress. (Though apparently the Hammer & Sickle, the Swastika, and Che Guevara and Black Power fists are still welcome).

We Southerners are blessedly free of the characteristic American passion for minding other people’s business. I usually don’t care what California is up to, although, of course, the evil of its massive power in Congress and presidential elections threatens me and everything I hold dear. And its fountain of moral and cultural depravity seems inescapable.

The Powers That Be in the lost commonwealth on the Pacific assure us that banning the Confederate flag is not an attack on free speech, which, of course, is a blatant lie. How could such a ban not be? Are the Sons of Confederate Veterans, of which there a number of chapters in California, not to meet, not to take part in patriotic parades and public service projects? Are country music bands not to exhibit their affection for their lost homeland? Are little boys at play not to be allowed to wear gray hats and display the symbol of valour?

California’s act is not a proof of its righteous power or its moral caliber. It is a sign of hateful  impotence. Such a sign has appeared many times in American history. The South is the permanent Internal Other.Whenever things go bad, when a certain type of American feels an uneasy sense that he is losing status, then it is time to focus hate on the South, which is predefined as the fount of all evil in an otherwise pure and shining America. Of course, our legislators know nothing of the South and know and care nothing about   history. What they are really doing is seceding  from the American past, from everything that the United States has been, and affirming an imaginary glorious future.

Now if they would just secede from the Union. They are big and self-righteous enough to be their own country and they would sure be doing the rest of us a big favour.



Bryan Fox
5/10/2014 05:19 PM

  The Californian's fleeing their depraved homeland are pestilence to the communities they light on. They bring their socialist and culturally bankrupt values with them and try to turn their new localities into the very image they fled from. I witnessed this first hand in Southern New Mexico. Indeed, physical barriers to entry and exiting California would be a blessing.

Vince Cornell
King George
5/10/2014 06:33 PM

  What is perhaps baffling is the absolute impenetrable bubble the liberal whites of California live in. The technology hive that thrives in and around San Francisco employs numerous bright, young nerds who make decent money doing some of the most useless things imaginable (designing movie prop replicas, reviewing and testing video games, making slow motion videos of an egg cracking, testing out quadracopter video cameras . . .etc.). They seem utterly incapable of seeing the world around them. While complaining about high taxes, corrupt government, gang violence, drug addiction, and the general filthiness of the cities, they continue to parrot the Jon Stewart philosophy of mocking all things non-liberal and giving money and verbal support to anything calling itself a Democrat. I actually listened to a group of them talking about how filthy it was in the city, having to watch out for human defecation and IV needles when walking to work, and in the next sentence start making fun of the "dirty and backwards South" who apparently is God forsaken because she's not panting for Google fiber or setting up electric car recharge stations. I would say that they're going to get what's coming to them, except that whenever their economic bubble starts bursting they'll get the Feds to bail them out, so basically they steal more money from Virginia and the South to funnel to California to slop its way down into Mexico. If Mexico was willing to take her, I'd cheer, but I fear that even Mexico is too smart to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. I think its more likely that Mexico will just officially become "lower California" so that she can cut out the middle man when it comes to taking our money. In all fairness, though, we do buy a lot of the drugs made in Mexico, so perhaps if she does become part of the Union we can get some Federal price regulation of Meth, Cocaine, and Heroine (surely that falls under the Commerce Clause, right?)

Clyde Wilson
5/10/2014 07:21 PM

  Mr. Cornell, in reference to what you have said in regard to the polluting refugees from California, the same is true of Northeastern refugees who have polluted the South Atlantic States beyond repair.

a.k. hassan
5/10/2014 07:28 PM

  i am an American, born and raised. my father, allan james powell, smsgt, USAF, retired(deceased), fought in vietnam. my nephew is a U.S. Marine. your ideas are sad, and the "southern way of life" would have meant continued slavery for my people. i don't like you guys, and God bless The UNITEDstates of AMERICA.

Brock Henderson
Elk Grove
5/10/2014 11:20 PM

  Now now, Mr. Fox, let me take up my cudgels for a moment to defend such Californians as myself and my kin. We are descended from Depression-era Okie and Arkie migrants who came to the Central Valley and Gold Rush regions. The spiritually corrupt and morally depraved cretins of the coastal region, and all Californians under their cultural influence, are the culprits you're looking for. They took political control of our state from decent Californians via mass immigration. Some of my extended family have made the exodus back to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, and let me assure you they have not been in the business of trying to Yankify their locales, because - thank God - they are not Yankees.


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