We're All Racists Now

“For Democrats, it’s the gift that keeps giving: If all else fails, just call
Republicans racists . . . ”
—Neil Cavuto, FOX News

Well, everything else is indeed failing, but the racism racket is working so well that it won’t be going away any time soon.  Al Sharpton sees “white supremacism” everywhere among Obama’s critics, and he has a lot of company.

The noise of the “racism” universe is deafening.  But under the din lies a surprising source of moral support for the racial hucksters: the Catholic Church.

Over the years, the left has had considerable success perverting the originally Catholic notion of social justice into an imprimatur for envy.  But the Washington bureaucracy of the American bishops went even further when it branded virtually every American Caucasian as pathological, incurable racists.

The year was 1979, when the noxious infection called the “Spirit of Vatican II” was at its height, turning everything Catholic upside down.  Even morality was not spared.  America’s bishops, struggling to explain the failure of the welfare state, announced in an official pastoral letter, Brothers and Sisters to Us, that whites bear an original sin of racism, and thus even the poorest of the white poor are responsible...

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