We’ll Get Him Next Time

After two years and tens of millions of dollars, the Mueller investigation ended in a shattering anticlimax for Democrats.  On March 22, Special Counsel Robert Mueller sent Attorney General William Barr his report, and Barr promptly informed Congress that Mueller found no collusion between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.  Mueller recommended no prosecutions—though Barr’s summary of the findings suggests that the former FBI director tried to equivocate about the President’s innocence of obstruction of justice by presenting that question as a matter of debate.  Mueller was appointed special counsel in the first place, it’s worth remembering, only after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.  Russia was the sensational part of the investigation, but the humiliation of an FBI director was what really got Trump into trouble.  J. Edgar Hoover’s heirs expect better treatment from a mere elected official such as a president.

Why, Trump even dared to insult Mueller and Comey on Twitter—and if that isn’t obstruction (no, Representative Schiff, it’s not), it’s unquestionably lèse-majesté.  Doesn’t Trump remember what happened to Richard Nixon after he passed over Mark Felt for the FBI directorship Felt was so sure he had earned?  Deep Throat was the Deep State’s revenge.  And Nixon, unlike Trump, had...

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