Round Table Discussion

We Are All Immigrants Now

Rebuilding Our Culture

Poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Americans want stricter controls on immigration. Yet it should be clear that our ruling class is not going to impose stricter controls or even enforce its own laws. What does this mean? The first thing to note is that immigrants, as such, are not the problem. A healthy society can absorb fairly large numbers of immigrants (within limits) if it has control of the institutions that transmit its culture. The Constitution guarantees to each state "a republican form of government," which means that each state has legal protection for its distinct way of life—a form of corporate liberty that is further protected by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. But this corporate liberty of state and local communities has been usurped, and the rules rigged to favor a rootless form of individualism managed by a centralized American state.

Americans have acquiesced in this usurpation, disarmed by the dominant ideology that America is not rooted in culture or tradition like other countries, but is grounded in an abstract idea of individual rights that transcends the particularities of all cultures. Since these rights are the same for all individuals everywhere in the world, the United States is said to be the first universalist nation in history. A "universalist nation" is, of course, an oxymoron, as is its leftist counterpart, the "muilticultural nation." Yet this...

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