Under the Black Flag

Waters on the West Bank

I never listen to pop music, but I do know the difference between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.  I even know one of the Stones’ daughters, Theodora Richards, as she went out with the son of a friend who brought her aboard my boat.  (Incredibly, she had very good manners.)  Pink Floyd—it’s a band—I do not know at all, but I love one of its cofounders, Roger Waters.  I’ve met him once or twice, but he wouldn’t remember.  Waters used to own a chalet in Gstaad and had the most beautiful wife, and they made a very nice-looking and civilized couple.  Then they sold the place, got divorced, and Roger has been with an old friend of mine ever since.  She tells me some very nice things about him, but it’s a letter he recently wrote that has made him a hero of mine.

A rock star needs to be politically correct at all times, especially when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in view of the fact that Jewish interests control the music business and then some.  Roger Waters has been very brave in sticking up for the underdog and unafraid to link his name with those of us who know the real goings-on in the West Bank, where mostly American-born settlers treat the local Palestinians not unlike occupying German troops behaved toward Poles 50 years ago.  Waters has been outspoken at all times about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, but recently...

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