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That I could order my Apple Watch Sport from my iPhone while walking down the Corso Italia in Milan, and pay for it on the phone with just the touch of my thumb, is as much of a technological marvel as the Watch itself.  With the exception of my thumbprint, not a single element in this process existed 40 years ago—not even Apple, Inc.  (Apple was founded in 1976—the same year, incidentally, as The Rockford Institute.)  LTE cellular communications, electronic banking, biometric security, not to mention the hardware and software of the iPhone itself, which even in its first iteration was more powerful than the computers on both the Apollo moon lander and the space shuttle—we take all of these things for granted today, rarely if ever thinking about how dramatically they have changed the way we work and do business and communicate with friends and family in the space of a few decades (and, in some cases, the space of a few years).

Longtime readers will remember that I once tried, in two short pages, to give some sense of how Steve Jobs had revolutionized the publishing industry—and specifically how Chronicles is produced—over the course of a quarter-century, without even intending to do so.  (See “Success(ion),” Virtual Realities, October 2011.) ...

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