Cultural Revolutions

War on Whites

Alabama Republican congressman Mo Brooks generated outrage among the usual suspects in early August by telling radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham that the Obama administration’s push for amnesty for illegal immigrants is “a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party.  And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”  Brooks went on to note that all demographic groups in America favor “enforcing and securing our borders.”  As a result, the Democrats “have to demagogue [sic] on this and try and turn it into a racial issue, which is an emotional issue, rather than a thoughtful issue.”  Brooks also took aim at the Wall Street Journal editorial page and other “pro-business” groups pushing amnesty, telling Ingraham that “They need to be Americans.  They need to be patriots.  And they need to think about America first, and they need to think about American families first, but that seems to be the furthest thought from their mind.”  Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus described Brooks’ comments about a “war on whites” as “pretty idiotic,” New York Times columnist Charles Blow denounced Brooks’ statements as “paranoid delusion” and “stoking racial fears to hide [Republicans’]...

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