War on the Home Front

Real Homeland Security

U.S. officialdom calls them “Special Interest Aliens,” as much because they might have a special interest in us as we in them.  They are aliens from countries that are considered potential sources of terrorist attacks on the American homeland, and their numbers are reportedly growing.  “People are coming here with bad intentions,” an anonymous Border Patrol agent stated in an interview with NBC 4 TV in Los Angeles last November.  “We know for a fact that people coming from the Middle East are now coming into Mexico and spending a year, even two years in Mexico to learn how to speak Spanish.”  These “Special Interest Aliens” (SIA’s) intended to pass themselves off as Mexicans, presumably to increase their chances of following the paths of millions of illegal Mexican immigrants who have entered the United States.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) told NBC 4 that he and other members of Congress had sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding answers to important questions, including “How many people have been stopped at our southern border who would be hostile and [are] coming from hostile countries?”  According to Rohrabacher, “It could be in the hundreds, it could be in the thousands.”  Douglas, Arizona, resident Larry Vance showed NBC 4 a Middle Eastern prayer rug left behind by one of a host of illegal aliens...

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