Cultural Revolutions

War Images

Christopher Wilson was arrested in October in Polk County, Florida, on obscenity charges. Mr. Wilson's pornographic website contains pictures of the wives and girlfriends of his paying customers posing and engaging in sex acts, and he claims that about a third of his reported 160,000 customers are in the U.S. military. When some of those troops stationed in war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq complained that their credit-card numbers were not being properly processed, the patriotic pornographer struck a deal with them: In exchange for access to the site, they would provide him with ghastly war-scene photos.

Wilson's site has posted grisly photos of dead Iraqis, including pictures of severed body parts and internal organs, with U.S. troops mocking the dismembered bodies. The caption "What every Iraqi should look like" accompanied one photo of a disemboweled man. Another had U.S. personnel pointing to a badly burned Iraqi corpse. The caption read: "Cooked Iraqi." Other photos asked viewers to guess which body parts were being shown. (These are only a few examples of the site's contents—others were even more shocking.)

Wilson's lawyer, Larry Walters, has said that his client simply wanted to "entertain" the troops and that he is suspicious the case is "political." In fact, the grotesque photos prompted protests from U.S.-based Muslim groups. Polk County Sheriff Grady...

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