War Birds: A Taxonomy

As war clouds loom over the political landscape and the propaganda wafts thickly from the major news media, we have to ask: Where does all of this come from?  Who is behind the rush to war?

Pat Buchanan has utilized a useful phrase to describe the origins of this bloodlust: the War Party.  This term is taken out of an unfortunate chapter in American history and transmogrified into a generic term for those who advocate the advent of an American Empire.  It is a useful phrase for a polemicist, but perhaps one that masks more than it reveals.  What is the “War Party,” exactly?  Or, rather, who?

The answer to that question could fill a volume of some heft.  For our purposes, however, a general overview of the different species of war birds is instructive.  Our war birds are a transnational phenomenon, one that is pretty much restricted to the upper reaches of the elites in government, the media, academia, and the corporate world.  These migratory creatures do not really belong to any single country, certainly not America: Indeed, foreign lobbyists are a major category of war bird, and, of these, Israel’s are surely the most visible.

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the Center for Security Policy (CSP) are two key links in Israel’s propaganda operation in the United States, and their role in calling for...

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