Vital Signs

Wall Street Imperialism

Parallels between the British Empire and the New World Order are striking. The principal difference is that the British crown relied on brute force to achieve its objectives, while the NWO elite mostly use financial terrorism (except for occasional raw power demonstrations, such as in the Gulf War or in Bosnia). The Great Asian Banking Crisis has accentuated both the similarities and the differences between the two empires.

The British Empire was built by colonizing other countries, seizing their natural resources, and shipping them to England to feed the British industrialists' factories. In the wake of the "red coat" invasions, local cultures were often trampled and replaced by a "more progressive" British way of life.

The Wall Street-dominated NWO Empire is being built by colonizing other countries with foreign loans or investments. Once those countries are firmly in their debt, the NWO financial terrorists then leave them high and dry, begging to be rescued. In comes the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Its bailout recipes—privatization, trade liberalization, and other austerity reforms—amount to seizing the target countries' natural and other resources and turning them over to the NWO elites—just as surely as the British Empire did by cruder methods.

"We cannot help but question the IMF's attitude. The IMF is acting as if it is an economic conqueror,"...

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