Walking Distance

This is an age in which news of a tragedy garners a response such as this: “Well, our thoughts are with you.”  Happy thoughts full of Pelagian grace.  It is therefore with some reservation that I now examine Rocky Twyman’s direct and public prayer to the Almighty, a supplication he no doubt offers with full confidence that the Good Lord hath the power to accomplish all that he asketh and more.

“God, deliver us from these high gas prices.”

So what’s wrong with that?  You some kinda tree-huggin’ liberal?  You think high gas prices’ll save us from global warming?  Or don’t you believe in prayer?

Mr. Twyman is a p.r. consultant and a Seventh-Day Adventist from Rockville, Maryland.  A long-time community activist, he has worked hard to register minorities as bone-marrow donors.  That did not garner him national media attention, however.  But his Pray at the Pump “movement,” as it has been termed by the San Francisco Gate, the Chicago Tribune, and the St. Louis Post-Gazette, has.

“O God, here we are again at Thy mercy.  Oh, our hearts are full; but our pockets are empty, Lord.  Bring down these gas prices for us, Lord.”

That’s the scene FOX News paints for us, Mr. Twyman and friends holding hands at a Chevron station, after which a stout blonde anchor not even barely...

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