Vital Signs

Wal-Mart and the Homosexuals

Just before Election Day, the Washington Post’s website featured a photo of President Bush landing in Bentonville, Arkansas, for a campaign stop.  Why Bush thought going to Bentonville would help pachyderm prospects, we are not given to know, but we do know that Bush and the town’s most notorious corporate resident, Wal-Mart, are helping another group: homosexuals.

Americans recently witnessed the depressing and revolting photograph of Secretary of State Condi Rice swearing in the plutocracy’s new global AIDS chieftain, Mark Dybul.  He is “openly gay,” as the patois puts it, and his “partner” held the Bible for him.  “As first lady Laura Bush looked on,” USA Today reported, “Rice singled out his partner, Jason Claire, and Claire’s mother.  Rice referred to her as Dybul’s ‘mother-in-law.’”  This is why the GOP is known in some quarters as the “Gay Old Party.”  In addition to defrocked Rep. Mark Foley of Florida, Republican poofters abound, not least of whom, the professional outers say, are top Republican officials.

This is bad enough.  But let’s not forget Bentonville’s big banana, Wal-Mart, the planet’s largest purveyor of Chinese-made junk.  As I recently reported in these pages (Cultural Revolutions, November), Wal-Mart’s fans...

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