Under the Black Flag

Virtue-Signalers in a Snit

Hollywood is in a snit.  Hollywood is very angry.  Hollywood is having a nervous breakdown.  The Donald is in the White House, and Hollywood types cannot take it any more.  Ditto for the New York Times and the TV networks, except for FOX.  Madonna, that aging show-off whose vocabulary consists mainly of the F-word, said in a speech before thousands that she’s thought about blowing up the Trump White House, a threat that would land the rest of us in jail, but she’s immune thanks to her age and vulgarity.  (Prisons are already in bad shape; no use making them worse.)  Frank Bruni, a Times columnist who used to write about food and now advises us on politics, is so upset that he’s thinking of giving up gay sex.  Another hysterical Times columnist, a guy called Blow, put on a show demanding that The Donald do a no-show, but didn’t get his wish.  He now calls the 45th president illegitimate, a “troglodyte” who won a Russian-rigged election.

Such are the joys of our liberal media, but let’s not judge them too harshly.  They’re depressed.  Lacking talent, they’ve descended to the lowest common denominator of screaming abuse and crying foul.  They all remind me of losing Greek political candidates, and also some South American ones.  (There are no real elections in Africa, so I will skip that continent.) ...

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