Cultural Revolutions

View on Matters

The Washington Post's liberal black columnist William Raspberry once said something reasonable on race (he defended the Boy Scouts against charges that their name was racist when applied to blacks). But the DC thought police would have "wilded" any white who made a similar comment.

Whites aren't even allowed to make political criticisms. Just recently, a white publisher was denied an alumni award by George Washington University because of a "racist remark." He had called DC Mayor Marion Barry a "clown."

Barry, a man whose voice would be outlawed if English were made the official language, is a crack-smoking philanderer and former welfare hustler. Now he hustles on a grand scale, but he should not have been called a clown. The remark should have been reported to the Clown Anti-Defamation League.

The received view on these matters was expressed by a black professor at Howard University: blacks cannot be racist; whites always are. This is a useful guide to modern race relations, especially if you're white and fortunate enough to live in Washington, DC.

In DC, black radio stations urge listeners not to shop in white-owned stores. Black ministers lead anti-white boycotts. Black professors teach that whites invented AIDS and crack cocaine as genocidal "chemical warfare" against blacks. Black employees of convenience stores and gas stations radiate...

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