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Venting Is Not Enough: Nassar and Injustice

Imagine a justice system that functioned as follows.  While awaiting sentencing after conviction, the vilest criminals would be put in the public dock, surrounded by angry spectators.  At the behest of the presiding judge, victims, along with their friends and relatives, would then unleash all of their verbal anger on the perpetrator.  The victims could describe how the cretin’s vile actions ruined their lives, stole their innocence, and destroyed their futures.  Angry males speaking in support of loved ones could go so far as to make their neck veins rise in a meretricious show of anger.  The raging alphas might even issue a few feeble threats along the lines of “If we weren’t in this courtroom, I would teach you a lesson!”  The contemptible criminal in the dock would shiver with fear at the harsh tirades.  Medical personnel would stand by on call lest the convicted succumb to the unrelenting psychological pressure or suffer a heart attack.  Other perverts out in public simultaneously molesting children would watch the proceedings in abject fear.  The deterrent effect of the judicial reprimands, angry victims’ diatribes, and the near-certain potential for death would stop future attacks cold.  Child molestation, historically one of society’s most despicable crimes, would be eradicated immediately.

If any aspect of that proposed scenario strikes...

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