UVA: Facts Versus the Left’s Narrative

For a news professional, it is hard to say which is more discouraging: that Rolling Stone published an imaginary tale of gang rape from a crazy college girl without double-checking her story, or that no one at Rolling Stone was fired after the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism issued a report that revealed top-to-bottom incompetence and flatly unethical behavior leading up to the publication of the article.  Yet the average person is not a news professional and doesn’t care which industry protocols the magazine ignored.  The average person probably isn’t surprised at the outcome and, furthermore, isn’t interested in what steps the magazine will take to keep it from happening again.  The average person doesn’t read Rolling Stone.

But those of us who follow these things know they affect the average person.  Rolling Stone’s left-wing narratives seep into the mainstream media and find a place in the material average people do consume: their daily newspapers and the network news shows.  Because repetition is the mother of learning, such unbelievable narratives become believable.  One such narrative is that a “rape culture” permeates the American college campus.  The proof?  Twenty percent of college women are raped.

That is false.  The number is 0.61 percent.

The narrative involving...

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