In the Dark

Utopia Forestalled

For Greater Glory
Produced by NewLand Films
Directed by Dean Wright
Screenplay by Michael Love
Distributed by ARC Entertainment


Are you familiar with the Cristeros?  They were Mexican Catholics who rebelled against their secularist government in 1926.  I knew very little of them myself until I saw For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada.

With the kind of grand, sweeping style favored by ambitious historical films of the 1950’s and early 60’s—think Quo Vadis, Lawrence of Arabia, and El Cid—director Dean Wright and scenarist Michael Love present the Cristeros as a courageous, and at times foolhardy, armed force comprising small landowners, rancheros, intellectuals, peasants, and parish priests who refused to submit to the anti-Catholic policies initiated by the revolutionary government that came to power in 1910.  At first, the government’s anticlerical legislation was irksome and insulting, but by 1926 it became wholly intolerable.  Catholic activists resorted to boycotts and strikes to change the government’s mind, but when officials reacted violently to their peaceful protests, arresting and executing priests and Catholic laymen, the more militant among the activists decided to rebel.  They began secession movements in Mexico’s...

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