Ut Plures Sint

“I have prayed for you,” said Jesus to the apostles on the night before he died, “that you would be several, even as the Father and I are two.”  For the Son, we are told, sees what the Father does, and then goes and does something else.  And Saint Paul praised the church at Corinth, hearing that there were divisions among them, while Saint Peter reminded his charges to be sure that there would be a diversity of faiths and baptisms, because after all each person constitutes his own church, and what is good for one might not be good for another.  “Hear, O Israel,” says Moses, “the Lord your God is one, but he is not necessarily the one and only.”

“Go,” said the Lord to the prophet Hanniba’al, “and say to King Josiah: Thus says the Lord: I have seen your zeal in tearing down the groves and the booths and the high places, and pouring their refuse into the valley of Gehenna.  You have done evil in my sight.  What is it to me, if a father or mother should make a child pass through the fire to Moloch?  What is it to me, O King of Judah, if the rich man should lie with the girl or the boy in the booths of Asherah?”

For the last three months I have been asking people at my college what the phrase cultural diversity means, if it does not mean “a diversity of cultures thriving all...

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