Us vs. Them

They live in the town, but they have no control over it. For three years, their lives have been at the mercy of shadowy aliens who have slowly destroyed the community, forcing its citizens to work for their enrichment. Parents fear that their children will be taken from them. Some wish to resist, but they are afraid to approach others, because they can never be sure who is on their side. Many of the political and economic leaders of the town, who should lead the resistance, have turned against their fellow citizens and sided with the invaders. Those who can escape flee the town, never to return.

This is not a plot synopsis for The X-Files, or a concept for a new science fiction film, but a description of everyday life in Rockford, Illinois, where our lives are controlled by a federal magistrate in Freeport, Illinois, a Chicago lawyer, a Kansas City desegregation "master," and their groveling servants in the political, economic, and media power structure of this town. Here, citizens feel powerless, as their property values plummet and their hard-earned money is squandered on such "desegregation remedies" as dinners in expensive restaurants, "owl pellets," and $10,000 worth of Legos. Parents live in fear of "controlled choice," doublespeak for a court-ordered plan to yank their children out of neighborhood schools and bus them across town. And those who want to fight, but don't know...

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