Under the Black Flag

Up From Sharpton

If I were a North Korean leader, or even an ISIS head chopper, I’d be reveling in the fact that a former American black basketball star spoke more plainly about race in America than any member of our political class or media.  Charles Barkley doesn’t mince words.  Many of his fellow blacks were not pleased when he told young African-Americans to forget about basketball and stay in school.  After Ferguson, Barkley did not join the race hustlers, liberal media, and the rest of the self-promoters inciting violence; instead, he said in a radio interview that there was no excuse to be torching cars and burning down people’s businesses.  Bravo Barkley, says Taki.  Here’s a great athlete who tells it like it is.  He went on to point out that, were it not for the cops, “we’d be living in the wild, wild west of our neighborhoods.”

Compare Barkley with the “Rev.” Al Sharpton—and I use quotes for reverend because of the mind-warping exaggeration of the word when applied to this hustler and criminal: a man who falsely accused an innocent man of rape and profited in the ensuing publicity; one who led months of protest against a shop owner in Harlem, calling him a white interloper, rhetoric that encouraged a black thug to shoot several customers and set fire to the place; and one who, after seven innocent people died, refused to apologize but went...

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