Under the Black Flag

Unplug Your P.C.

OK, sport fans, get your wallets out and start giving.  That’s the latest brainstorm from a New York Times columnist who makes an unconvincing case for reparations to black people.  For slavery, that is.  And that means you, whitey, or brownie, and I guess that goes for yellow ones also.  He wants these reparations to be made law, and everyone except African Americans to pay.  His idea is hardly original.  Race-hustlers like Al Sharpton, Kamala Harris, and Jesse Jackson have been dropping heavy hints for years.  Black Americans want money, and the rest of us have to give it to them, “punto e basta,” as they say in the land of pasta.

The media have managed to impose a kind of groupthink that tells us that America is rife with racism and bigotry, but by looking around and by watching television, the only racism I notice nowadays is the one against whites who go to church and raise law-abiding families.  Watch any Netflix or Amazon series, and you’ll see what I mean.  The priest is always a pervert, the religious families are selling drugs on the sly, and all cops and soldiers are rapists, racists, and bigots.  All criminals are white, blond, and have Nazi tattoos.  Well, you know the rest.  Political correctness and diversity training have now become standard, and lockstep conformity is the order of the day.  The media are the...

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