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Unlovable Losers: The Left in Perspective

Not long after last fall’s presidential election, an entire wall in New York City’s Union Square subway station was plastered with hundreds of protestors’ Post-it notes, hailed by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration as “subway therapy” for the losing side, but more akin to a billboard for the demented, all berserk with rage, contrived hysteria, and actual paranoia, lamenting Donald Trump’s victory.  “Love Trumps Hate.”  “Rosaries Off My Ovaries.”  “Resist the Normalization of Tyranny and Fascism.”  “NO to Islamophobia and Racism.”  And, from a French correspondent, “Je n’aime pas la droitisation du monde,” roughly translated to mean that the writer doesn’t like conservatives and won’t stand for it.

Quickly, the faux-intellectual celebrity psychotics, activists, and lounge-lizards chimed in with a litany of juvenile grievances.  Self-involved actress Lena Dunham sniveled that the electoral result was “painful on a cellular level” and pondered a move to Vancouver.  Disgruntled outgoing first lady Michelle Obama complained to Oprah Winfrey that she now knows “what not having hope feels like.”  Meryl Streep, voice quavering in pretend distress, carried on at the Golden Globe Awards as if the nuclear balloon had finally lifted off, a phenomenal...

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