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Letter From Lagado

The inauguration of Lagado University's new campus in Plagho-Plaguo, the capital of Dismailia, is generating great excitement throughout the Diversity Community. As President Bleatley has said, LU's "Semester in Dismailia" is guaranteed to challenge Eurocentric cultural values on every level and at every turn. It centers the Other, presents the Absent, privileges Multiplicity, and promises new perspectives on nearly everything. It would be inappropriate to disparage the diversitarian struggles of other universities, but facts arc facts and there is nothing to be gained by deception: its competitors talk the talk, Lagado walks the walk. No other semester abroad offers such a complete escape from Western cultural hegemony, and none even attempt it. The Plagho-Plaguo facility is no Florentine villa, Kentish country house, or Bavarian Schloss. It is not an effete, cocacolarized, postcolonial, pseudo-Eurovenue situated in the cool highlands of some "Lesser Developed Country." Lagado University smashes the mold of the overseas campus. Simply to land on Dismailia's coast is an education in itself. Its flora and climatic conditions resemble nothing seen in Europe or North America since the Lower Carboniferous Epoch. Its dynamic fauna take the traveler into a different world. Its insects are astounding. Its microbes must be experienced to be believed. Impressive as this ecological authenticity is, it is far less important...

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