Unisex Multiplex

When Felix Met Oscar

How could I possibly know as much as I do about popular entertainment? I mean, I almost never go to the movies anymore. The big multiplexes annoy me with the stink of their sprays, their even more vexing segmentation of the audience, and their usurious popcorn prices. At home, I have no time for television, being completely devoted to religious meditation, arcane studies, and my hobby, organic chemistry. But let's face it, the worst thing about movies and television today is what you see. "Entertainment" palls when there is so little pleasure to be found. And the imagination is not stimulated by an awareness of the manipulations of the entertainment industry.

One of the creepier experiences of actually seeing what is going on, though, is the realization that the presentation of humanity itself is more than a bit lacking. "Men," for example, seem to be beer-swilling louts who wear Hawaiian shirts. "Women" appear to be anorexic teenage models who are exploring their sexuality. Where is some norm of reference or ground of actuality? Maybe the point is that there is none.

Looking at the whole male/female situation now makes you wonder. All the little chippies that the powers put in front of us at the multiplex and on the cable leave me cold, perhaps because I do not want to look at any navel display unless I am the only one who gets to see it. Over 30 years of sexual revolution, radical feminism,...

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