Cultural Revolutions

Under Fire

Wesleyan University and the University of Connecticut have come under fire from the United States Commission on Civil Rights. According to a startling report to that body from the Connecticut Advisory Committee last January, faculty at these two institutions in particular "resist efforts to diversify curricula and adapt to the changing composition of the student body and of the nation's citizens." The committee recommended that performance evaluations of faculty members include "elements related to the ability to accommodate change." It specifically suggested that the University of Connecticut appoint a high-ranking official "to concentrate on multicultural and diversity issues and give appropriate weight to their consideration" and that Wesleyan implement "a clearer line of communication and command between the president and the individual faculty member."

If one reads through the pompous prof-speak in this committee report, it is clear what the Connecticut Advisory Committee is proposing: faculty members should not be permitted to resist the multicultural agenda. Surely there are faculty members who are convinced that multiculturalism is the imposition of an orthodoxy on campus and who therefore oppose it. But if faculty performance is to be determined by an ability to accommodate change, then those on the wrong side of the orthodoxy will be writing their own pink slips.


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