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These days bipolarism appears to be the “in” childhood malady touted by leftist psychologists, who previously promoted ADHD to explain away the disturbed behavior exhibited by postmodern children and adolescents.  The list of problems is long: antisocial behavior, poor performance in school, sexual promiscuity; depression and suicide, drug abuse and alcoholism; violence and random acts of homicide in school.  For all these ills leftists have devised medical explanations.  Conservatives have their own set of simple explanations: School shooters play video games or take Ritalin or watch violent movies.

This is not to say that video games or even ADHD (if it is really a disease as opposed to an inexplicable syndrome) is insignificant.  Who is to say?  There is no such thing as a social science.  Though there may sometimes be a dash of merit in the opinions of psychologists, sociologists, “political scientists,” and economists, they utterly lack a rigorous scientific method and are completely incapable of predicting (much less preventing or curing) any of the maladies of an individual or a society.

The one possible explanation that cannot be discussed is the pathology of postmodern family life.  When, for example, a young girl is sexually abused, the fact that her mother sleeps around and brings her partners home cannot be mentioned.  When a child misbehaves in school, neither...

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