Uncle Sam and the Third Balkan War

Whenever you hear the New World Order crowd whining about the obligation of the "international community" to come to the rescue of a "multiethnic democracy" threatened by "nationalism," get ready for Uncle Sam to be dragged off on a fool's errand. This term, "multiethnic democracy," the prime exemplar of which is supposedly the United States, is state-of-the-art New World Order lingo for the new t\\pe of state designed to supplant the old nation-state, which is based on retrograde "nationalism." "Nationalism" is pejorative, referring to the aspiration, heretofore considered natural and honorable, of any people to live in its own homeland, contingent upon that people's ability and willingness to fight for it and sustain it. In their untiring vigilance against any holdouts, current or potential, against the homogenized, deracinated world government in the making, all lovers of progress oppose ethnically-based nationalism at home and abroad. Exhibit A of this phenomenon is the hatred of the Bad Old South Africa, particularly Afrikaner nationalism, and the wild enthusiasm for the Good New South Africa, an aspiring "multiethnic democracy" labeled a "rainbow nation" by French President François Mitterrand. The new African National Congress-dominated regime, with the rest of the world's approval, is determined to stamp out any remnant of autonomy for...

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