Uncle Bud Helps Out Jeb Bush

To Guvner J.E.B. Bush

Floridy or maybe Conneckticut

Dear Guvner Bush,

I know we have not always seen I to I, as they say, but fair is fair, as they say, and I feel it is my duty to let you know that one of your opponents has been making fun of you and misreporting where you stand.

Yesterday I got in my mailbox one of those oversize, all-color, slick-paper advertisements supposedly from you.  It must be one of those “dirty tricks” they were always putting on Nixon.  I know it could not be from you because nobody as smart as you could say the things this flyer said.

First it said you wanted to increase defense spending.  Now an experienced man like you must know that we should not be spending so much, much less adding on.  It said you were against President Obama on this.  But I know you are all for bipartisanship and don’t really disagree with him about anything except who is president.  It said 23 retired generals have endorsed you on this.  I suspect they are hinting about the primary next door in SOUTH Calina where everybody is a veteran and there are a lot of retired military brass doubling their pensions in that Military-Industrial Complex.  Them people down there like to think shooting drones at poor gooks 5,000 miles away is “defending our country.”

On the Mideast it said you were for wiping out ISIS and...

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