Cultural Revolutions

Two Kinds of People

The media told us that "critics warn bombing alone won't budge Milosevic," so when bombing alone did budge him, the media told us 'twas a famous victory. "It worked!" gushed Mara Liasson of National Public Radio as the G-8 peace accord was announced in early June. "Clinton is vindicated, and Gore is looking good again. . . . Clinton was right!"

"Bombing alone" broke the Serbian resistance, and little wonder. An elderly man in Belgrade, Aleksandar Stamatovic, told an Associated Press reporter, "That agreement was the only choice. There was no other—they were killing us." It is utterly amazing the results you can get when you're willing to bomb civilians and their power grids and water supplies indiscriminately. Why bother with moral cover? After all, it worked!

Between 5,000 and 30,000 people who were bothered by the allies' conspicuous lack of moral cover gathered at the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial on Saturday, June 5, then marched to the Pentagon. They should have marched to Foggy Bottom, where this operation was incubated for many years before the military was ordered to drop it down the hatches. The misdirection of the marchers was symptomatic of a more serious problem with the march, and by extension with (what's left of) the opposition to the current regime in this country.

The largest contingent at the march represented hard-bitten,...

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