Turkish Muslims Versus Dutch Foster Care

A nine-year-old boy has caused the simmering tension between Western Europeans and Muslim immigrants to boil over once again.  This latest incident has occurred in the Netherlands, which over the past decade has become the poster child for failed Muslim integration.

A boy named Yunus, born in the Netherlands to Turkish-Muslim immigrant parents, lives in foster care with a lesbian couple in The Hague.  This has infuriated Turkish Muslims both in Turkey and in Europe and has caused a major diplomatic row between the Dutch and Turkish governments.

The story of how Yunus ended up in foster care is fairly complicated.  The case went through Dutch family court four different times.  It all started in 2004 when Yunus was four months old.  He was admitted to the hospital with a broken arm and bruised head.  Doctors believed he may have been abused, so he and his two older brothers were moved to foster care.  Yunus was placed with a lesbian couple, with whom he remains to this day.  The legal complications stem from the fact that Yunus’s situation was not fully investigated in 2004.  Experts who subsequently reviewed his medical files disagree on whether he was abused.

In 2007, the court ruled that the two older boys could go home but that further inquiry was needed before a decision could be made about Yunus.  His parents did not...

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