Trump Said What?

The nation held its breath in mid-December when GOP candidate Donald Trump dared to suggest that, in the wake of an ISIS/ISIL/IS/Caliphate/Daesh-related terrorist attack on U.S. soil, all Muslim immigration should be halted, until “Congress can figure out what the hell is going on.”

When the press finally exhaled, it started screaming and hollering, pausing only long enough to froth at the mouth like Old Yeller.  CNN’s Andrew Cuomo was transformed into Billy Sunday, flailing his arms and admonishing the billionaire about America’s great heritage of unlimited, unrestricted immigration.  George Stephanopoulos tried to get Trump to admit he was in favor of internment camps for Muslims, and like the Philadelphia Inquirer, played the Hitler card.  Several mayors mockingly banned Trump from entering their cities, calling him stupid.  Others simply yelled “fascist!”  Southern Baptist gadfly Russell Moore naughty-naughtied Trump for violating the universal principles of democracy and religious liberty, arguing in essence that, first they’ll come for the Muslims, then they’ll come for the Christians.  Every Democratic candidate and nearly every other Republican harshly condemned Trump.  Jeb Bush said The Donald is “unhinged.”

The whole episode is telling, both for what wasn’t said, and for what was.

No one, as...

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