Under the Black Flag

Trump’s Understatement

Gee, this is the worst news I’ve had since the defeat at Stalingrad.  More than 80 former ambassadors to African nations sent a letter of protest to The Donald.  Even worse, Botswana, Ghana, Haiti, Namibia, Senegal, and the African Union have all protested Mr. Trump’s calling them shitholes.

I also protest.  Shithole is a term used by spoiled playboys to describe what has happened to places like the French Riviera, Miami Beach, and St. Moritz.  The Donald is not in the loop.  The African nations and Haiti should have thanked him for including them.  Especially when he used the picturesque word huts to describe their living quarters.  If only.

But let’s get serious.  Here’s America’s closest ally, once upon a time viewed as the anticolony that would welcome all freed slaves, until the slaves decided it was better to eat Jim Crow than be a big shot in Liberia.  My father owned a lot of Liberian-flagged ships—it was a flag of convenience, which means the ship owner pays a certain amount to a government official, and the latter stuffs it in his pocket.  Liberia is now called a success story, following the civil war of 2003.  A woman served two terms, and now it is an ex-footballer’s turn to be president.  This is a monumental improvement since the last regime-change, when an incoming president had the outgoing...

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