Trump and His Enemies

To the extent that a man may be judged by his enemies, Donald Trump is a very good man, indeed.  And the more extended and successful his campaign becomes, the more it proves that everything he has ever said about the conjoined political and media establishments in America is spot on, beginning with his charge that they are fundamentally dishonest, shamefully careless with the truth, outright liars, and really not very bright in the way of people who have long since sacrificed their ability to read human nature to their rooted instinct for propaganda.

Since last July, Trump has demonstrated one simple human truth, if he has demonstrated anything: Propaganda and mental and emotional manipulation from on high have their limits, beyond which people revolt—and keep on revolting.  Participants in the anti-Trump movement on both sides of what is disingenuously called “the partisan divide” casually assume that Trump is a “racist,” as if it were a truth universally acknowledged.  This long-standing charge dates from his observation early in the campaign that immigrants from Mexico are “bringing drugs.  They’re bringing crime.  They’re rapists.  And some, I assume, are good people.”  Ann Coulter, in ¡Adiós, America!, had abundantly documented this charge (though Trump, apparently not having read the book, forfeited the opportunity...

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