True Tar-Heel Tales

Abe Lincoln and Al Capone

Sometimes “Uncle” Bud disappears for a week or two on “fishing trips.”  He always has a nice car for trips, usually a Buick with a big trunk.  Pays cash for ’em,  too.  Always says he got the money from cashing in his “G.I. insurance.”  Less said about that the better.  On the porch some evenin’s when he is in the mood, he shares his adventures.

“Ever been to Arkansas?” he said the other evenin’.  We knew it was one of them rhetorical questions and not a real one.  “I like Arkansas.  The people there ain’t yet been eddicated out of good sense.  Now take Hot Springs, a most interesting place.  In the old days Hot Springs was right on the railroad between Chicago and New Orleans.  Some Chicago people started stopping off there when they found out they had horse racing and very few busybodies to interfere between a gentleman and his bottle.  They still tell how it was one of Al Capone’s favorite places, and how he used to rent a whole floor at the best hotel.

“Now I don’t know if Al Capone was a Democrat or a Republican.  Probably a Democrat because in them days Chicago was run by Republican fat cats instead of colored Democrats, and Republicans always want bigger bribes.  Anyway, some Chicago Republicans, not...

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