True Tar-Heel Tales

Great Granddaddy Honeycutt and Teddy Roosevelt

Children, I haven’t ever been on what you might call speakin’ terms with any presidents.  But I have seen four or five of them from pretty near, and I want to tell you that they ain’t nothing special.  They have to get out of bed in the mornin’ and pull on their pants one leg at a time just like every other man in Creation.  There is the story, however, about my Great Granddaddy Honeycutt looking Teddy Roosevelt straight in the eye.  I know it is true because my grandmother, your great grandmother, told it, and for her lying was as big a sin as liquor or dancin’ on Sunday.  I learned that lesson well with the soap.

Great Granddaddy Honeycutt went in the army in the last year of the War when he was only 16, into Hoke’s Brigade.  He was in some of that fightin’ around Durham just before Joe Johnston surrendered.  His brother, a year older, was killed.  Great Granddaddy James carried him out of the fightin’ on his back.  He found a Methodist preacher who promised to bury Great Granduncle John right and mark the place so they could come and get him later and take him home.  Whether that ever happened I don’t know.  Everybody lived just above starvation in those days, and Methodist ministers tend to move on pretty regular,...

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