Trouble in the House

The man best qualified to run the House of Representatives (I think so, anyway) won the votes necessary to run the House of Representatives—to the extent that any man or woman of like qualifications can be said to “run” a political enterprise at odds with the understanding of its creators and shapers.

The same could be said with respect to the Senate.  I will come back to that point—after duly celebrating the elevation of Paul Ryan to the House speakership, following an outstandingly rough patch for the body known as “the people’s House.”

Ryan, as smart and able and mature a tribune of “the people” as you would ever wish to see wielding the speaker’s gavel, gave a smart and able and honest speech as he assumed the speakership just before Halloween.  “The House is broken,” he said.  “We are not solving problems.  We are adding to them.”

We’d all agree on that, wouldn’t we?  It’s not working.  Politics isn’t working at the national level.  Nobody outside the confines of your favorite institution for the mentally and emotionally challenged suggests otherwise.

The Ryan speakership is a response to the general perception of decay and dereliction on Capitol Hill.  Mr. Trump and his patented yahooism are part of that response: no more than a tangentially serious...

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