Toward One Nation, Indivisible

A Course of Action

It is time we looked at the world from a new perspective, one of enlightened nationalism. Cliches about a "new" global economy aside, there has always been an international economy—ever since Columbus stumbled onto the Western Hemisphere while seeking new trade routes to the East, in the hire of a nation-state, Spain. The Dutch East India Company was founded in 1602 to displace the Portuguese in the lucrative Far Eastern trade; and the Dutch West India Company, in 1621, to capture the American trade.

The American economy, however, is more than simply a part of the international economy, and its purpose is not to benefit mankind but to benefit Americans first: our workers, farmers, businessmen, and manufacturers. What is good for the global economy is not automatically good for America, any more than what is good for our transnational elite is necessarily good for the United States.

A Revenue Tariff

America should declare to the world that the present global regime must be revised, that we no longer intend to make the world prosperous at the expense of our own country. A 15 percent revenue tariff on all imported manufactures and goods in competition with American-made goods would be a fitting way to declare our economic independence.

As part of the "Nixon Shock" of August 15, 1971—to jolt the world into understanding that the United States could...

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