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Summer School 2014: The Age of Dante

sku # S14SET

Set of 16 CDs, with lectures by Thomas Fleming, E. Christian Kopff, Fr. Hugh Barbour, James Patrick, Gail Fleming, and Michael Morow.



Summer School 2013: Reactionary Radicals of the 20th Century

sku # S13set

Complete set of 16 CDs.



Summer School 2012: The Age of Constantine

sku # S12set

Complete set of 17 CDs.



Summer School 2011: The French Revolution

sku # S11set

Complete set of 17 CDs.



Summer School 2010: Arthur and Alfred: The Anglo-Saxons

sku # S10set

Complete set of 17 CDs.



Summer School 2009: The American West

sku # S09set

Summer School: The American West. Complete set of 17 CDs.



Summer School 2008: The Crusades

sku # S08set

Complete set of 14 CDs.



Summer School 2007: The Stuarts and the English Revolution

sku # S07set

The Tenth Annual Summer School. With speakers such as Dr. Thomas Fleming, Dr. James Patrick, Fr. Hugh Barbour, Scott Richert, Prof. Donald Livingston, and Aaron Wolf. Complete Set of 16 CDs.



Summer School 2006: The American Agrarian Tradition

sku # S06set

Complete set of 16 CDs.



Summer School 2005: The Counterrevolution

sku # S05set

With lectures by Fr. Hugh Barbour, Thomas Fleming, Joseph Pearce, and James Patrick. Complete set of 16 CDs.