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JRC Cleveland 2015: Nation and State

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The speakers for the 2015 meeting of The John Randolph Club were Pat Buchanan, E. Christian Kopff, Tom Pauken, Don Devine, William Lind, Wayne Allensworth, Peter Brimelow, Tom Piatak, and our own editors Chilton Williamson, Scott P. Richert, and Aaron D. Wolf. Taki Theodoracopulos moderated the debate.



JRC Chicago 2012: Failure of Democracy

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Complete set of 6 CDs.



JRC Ft. Worth 2011: Christendom and Her Enemies

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Complete set of 9 CDs.



JRC Wilmington 2010: The South and America's Wars

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Complete set of 11 CDs.



JRC San Antonio 2009: The Future of America: Hell of Texas?

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Complete set of 7 CDs.



JRC Philadelphia 2008: A Republic If You Can Keep It

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Complete set of 8 CDs.



JRC 2007: Speaking Truth to Power

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Complete set of 8 CDs.



JRC Rockford 2006: Global Problems, Local Solutions

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Complete set of 7 CDs.



JRC San Antonio 2004: Enemies of the West: From the Alamo to Kosovo

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Complete set of 8 CDs.