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Too Busy for the Unborn

Ms. Mullarkey misrepresents comments of the Roman Catholic bishop of Madison, Wisconsin in “Politics as Spiritual Warfare” in the November 2020 number of Chronicles.
Her quotations are totally accurate but they are grossly out of context and do not convey what the bishop actually says [about abortion as a voting issue] in his Sept. 23 article in the Madison Catholic Herald. I invite Chronicles readers to visit that publication’s website to read Bishop Donald J. Hying’s article and to compare it with Mullarkey’s interpretation to see who is actually guilty of doublespeak.
Defaming good men by manipulating facts to support a preconceived idea is a tactic leftist writers perfected long ago, so I am grievously disappointed to see a Chronicles writer employ that tactic. In fact, I now doubt the accuracy of everything Mullarkey has to say, as much as I want to agree with her.
I’m also wondering how many other articles in Chronicles play fast and loose with the facts. If basic honesty and a sense of fair play cannot be found in the pages of Chronicles, then the soul of the culture...

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