Cultural Revolutions

Toilet Equality

Right before our eyes, we’ve witnessed a profound change in the way that American society treats the institution of marriage.

Forget about the law—state or federal.  This is a cultural shift, and we need to be aware of the way that the shift occurred.

We can forget about the law, because one way or another, “gay marriage” is a done deal.  Writing on Easter Monday, I have listened to the arguments against the Defense of Marriage Act (1996) before the U.S. Supreme Court.  By the time you read this, the Court may have issued its ruling.  Or it may come down in May or June.  No matter.

The Defense of Marriage Act was set for a Supreme Court showdown before the ink from President Clinton’s pens had dried.  And anyone who has followed Court jurisprudence over the last few decades, and who knows the current composition of the Court, would have been wise to predict that, when the majority opinion finally came down, it wouldn’t help “traditional marriage” one bit.

The federal government may “redefine” marriage as a union between two humans of any sex.  Perhaps the Court will do this through an opinion that invokes the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause.  Perhaps Congress, with increasing numbers of Republicans changing position in recent weeks, will draft and pass...

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