Beyond the Revolution

To Save One Child

Gloria is angry.  This is nothing new, of course, but these days her righteous indignation is directed against Hollywood.  She is angry at Hollywood stars who adopt children only to neglect them, and she is outraged by stage parents who prostitute dim-witted girls like Britney and Lindsay and Miley to the entertainment “industry.”  She says as a nation we cannot stand idly by while wicked parents ruin their children.  These families need counseling and, in some cases, intervention.

You have all met Gloria somewhere.  You may have run into her at a Sarah Palin rally or at the soccer games and practices that consume so much of what would otherwise be her family life, or perhaps it was at the fairly conservative Novus Ordo church she attends.  She believes in doing good by sharing her conservative “values” with unenlightened liberals.  She is very pro-life and a defiant defender of the rights of children, born and unborn.  There is no policy too costly, too stupid, or too destructive that will not win her support so long as it is advertised as being “for the children.”  She remains a great fan of George W. Bush and supported the Iraq War, to rescue the women and children being oppressed by Saddam Hussein, and, whenever a welfare mother or psychotic abuses or kills a child, Gloria will campaign for any law that strips parents of their traditional rights and duties and transfers...

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