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To Arms!

Concerning Scott P. Richert’s reservations about secession, as expressed in the October Rockford Files (“To Secede or Succeed?”): Maybe “many proponents of secession seem reluctant to consider” some of the alleged drawbacks of secession.  There certainly are risks.  The architects of unitary nationalism weren’t dummies.  The grants economy, the safety net, Social Security, and the ever-present threat-to-our-national-security warmongering have effectively precluded any mass clamoring for secession.

The calculated risks of military action from the Beltway-bound miasma should be duly noted.  Lincoln didn’t hesitate, and it’s part of the central state’s arsenal to bludgeon its recalcitrant wards into involuntary subservience to its will.  The internal (and external) loosing of its terrible swift sword at the drop of a hat is indeed a pox.  We’ve been co-opted by the disasters endemic to the idolatry of glorifying the coming of a false god which doesn’t care upon whom its phalanxes of pecksniffs and pettifogs trample.  Nonetheless, it’s time to give the central government a “time out.”  The nation is divisible, and that by (let’s pick a number out of the air) 50.  The analogies of unfit commanders, pilots, captains, leaders,...

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