Under the Black Flag

Time for a More Militant Church

The following was recently but ecstatically pronounced by the malignant, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-male New York Times: “Perhaps for the first time since the United States was established, a majority of young adults here do not identify as Christian.”

Yes, you read it right: the Sulzberger gang that owns the paper celebrates this sorry state of Christianity with a bold headline in its editorial pages. The columnist Nicholas Kristof tries to underplay his joy by throwing the faithful a few crumbs, but one can sense his delight and his belief that Christianity is getting its just rewards.

Another Times writer, the Irish Catholic Maureen Dowd, has gone one better. She’s called the Catholic Church “a rotten institution,” and never fails to flail the Church and to insult Christian believers. The newspaper’s focus on the sexual scandals of the Catholic Church would be justified if it had investigated with equal vigor the reports of sexual abuse and drug-running within the city’s Hasidic religious community dating back to the 1990s, including the bust of ultra-Orthodox rabbis for laundering drug money.

No wonder the war against Christianity is being won by the secular left—we Christians are sitting on our fannies and doing nothing about it. What if Christians acted like Muslims do when their religion is attacked? I consider myself a devout...

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