Sins of Omission

Tiburcio Vásquez

During the last four decades, California has been proving that demography is indeed destiny.  At an ever-accelerating rate the state is becoming Mexifornia.  So many Mexicans have flooded into California, nearly all illegally, that instead of the new arrivals assimilating to American culture they are Hispanicizing the state.  This means far more than ballots in Spanish.

The Alisal Union School District numbers a dozen elementary schools in East Salinas, which is more than 90-percent Hispanic.  About 85 percent of the district’s elementary-school children are classified as “English learners.”  At Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary, 94 percent of the students are English learners.  Some speak only Indian languages of Mexico.  Test scores are abysmal.

A new elementary school under construction in Salinas will be named Tiburcio Vásquez.  The Alisal school board voted unanimously for the name.  “The real issue here is cultural citizenship,” said John Ramirez, Alisal district superintendent.  “And part of citizenship is when people choose to name schools after their heroes.”  Vásquez is portrayed as defending his people against the hated gringo.  Stelvio Locci, a professor of Chicano studies at Salinas’ Hartnell College, called Vásquez a California Robin Hood.  He’s...

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